These tips will prepare you for a great experience at the Boston Student Government Training Conference.
1. Raise money for conference

Here are seven ways to raise money to pay for this ASGA conference.
Here’s how to save money at the conference.

2. Register for conference

Complete the registration form and e-mail ASGA at to confirm. Register early and save money. ASGA members also save $100 per person.

3. Reserve hotel room(s)

Start at the Hotels page. The Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline is the official conference hotel.

4. Purchase airline ticket(s)

ASGA recommends that you fly if it would take you more than eight hours to drive.

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is about 10 miles from the conference location, Wheelock College‘s 43 Hawes Street building in Brookline, Mass.

5. Arrange for ground transportation

Remember that you will need transportation to and from the conference location, your hotel, restaurants, and attractions.

Walk from Hotel to Conference Location
You can walk (about 15 minutes) to the conference location if you stay at the Wheelock College residence halls or at the Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline (about 15 minutes).

Public Transportation
ASGA recommends that you save money while in Boston by using public transportation! Boston is a commuter-friendly city. You can easily, and inexpensively, take public transportation from the airport to your hotel and to sight-seeing. At your hotel, you can easily walk to restaurants, tourist attractions, and shopping.

The subway and bus routes serving Boston Logan International Airport are operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (better known as the MBTA or the “T”). There are two ways to get to your hotel from Boston Logan:

Silver Line
Take the “Silver Line” ($2.00) to the “South Station”. Then take the “Redline” subway to the “Park Street Station.” Then take the “Green C” to Hawes Street. You can then walk to the hotel or to the conference location. MBTA’s interactive subway map. Total fee per person is $2.10 each way.

Blue Line
Take the free Massport shuttle bus to the “Airport Station.” Then take the “Blueline” ($2.00) to “Government Center.” Then take “Green C” to Hawes Street. Total fee per person is $2.10 each way.

GO Boston Shuttle
GO Boston Shuttle will pick you up at Logan airport and take you to your hotel in Boston for around $30. Please make your reservations on-line, or by calling 1-888-437-4379.

Boston taxis are available at Logan terminals 24 hours a day. All areas within a 12-mile radius of downtown Boston are charged a metered rate. Beyond the 12-mile radius the charge is a flat rate. All fares are based upon the occupancy of one to four passengers per taxi.

Metered-rates from Logan to the Boston-area hotels range from approximately $25 to $50.

All fares leaving Logan Airport are charged a $2.25 airport fee. Travel through the harbor tunnels will cost an additional $5.25 toll fee. It is recommended that you ask the taxi driver for a receipt showing the driver’s name, the taxi company, the amount paid, and the medallion number.

Hotel Shuttle
The Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline offers a free shuttle that will take you to restaurants near the hotel. The shuttle DOES NOT travel to and from the airport. You wil need to arrange transportation to and from the airport.

If you stay at the Holiday Inn Boston-Brookline, there will be a daily parking fee of $34. If you stay at the Wheelock College residence halls, parking is free, but there are a limited number of spaces. There are free parking spaces at the conference location, Wheelock’s 43 Hawes Street Building, but there are only about 30 spaces, so arrive early.

Other parking facilities nearby:

• Landmark Center
401 Park Drive

• Masco Garage
375 Longwood Avenue

• Standard Parking Garage
333 Longwood Avenue

6. Review and print directions

You can find directions to the conference site at our Directions page.

7. Wear “business casual”

Your attire should be “business casual” at all conference functions.

8. Get the ASGA Conferences App

Grab the ASGA Conferences App for your iOS or Android device, and have the conference schedule, speaker information, directions, ASGA contact information, and more at your fingertips before and during the conference.

9. Bring business cards & college paraphernalia

Make sure you bring business cards, brochures, and fliers to exchange with other delegates.

10. Check the local weather

In early August, it will be hot in Beantown. But it may be cool in meeting rooms, which are air-conditioned.

11. Review and print the Conference Schedule

Then you can decide on which workshops to attend and be aware of when the conference starts and ends.

12. Read these conference articles

Responsible Student Government leaders and advisors make sure they get as much as possible from the conferences they attend.

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